Best Home Sous-Vide Cooker – Sous-Vide Immersion Circulator Reviews

The sous-vide circulator is the most vital single piece of equipment for the home cook. Here you will find comprehensive sous-vide immersion circulator reviews for all top brands of sous-vide circulators based on the experience of thousands of users who have used these circulators and experts from Wirecutter and Shopsavvy, which will help you find the best home sous-vide cooker.

So just read on to find out the best sous-vide circulator to suit your needs and budget.

Review criteria

This sous-vide immersion circulator review looks at eight Sous-vide immersion circulator models from six leading brands very popular among sous- vide cooks. It compares several features crucial to the efficiency and effectiveness of a sous-vide immersion circulator. In addition, key deciding factors such as size, price and value for money are also compared here.

Review criteria for immersion circulators include:

  • Precision – precision of display temperature versus the actual temperature in the water bath
  • Speed– The time taken to preheat water to the required temperature
  • Energy efficiency – Energy consumed during operation
  • Size – How much counter space is required and weight of the unit
  • Price – Price of unit
  • Ease of use – Convenience during usage of the circular including operation
  • Common complaints – Complaints common among users of the product

Finally, we will look at the value for money aspect of the immersion circulator using all the review criteria.

Anova Culinary Sous-vide Precision Cooker

The Anova Culinary Sous-vide Precision Cooker is by far the most popular brand among sous-vide cooks, judging from the rating and the number of reviews on Amazon.com. However, does this brand have the best performance or does it deliver va
lue for money. Let’s explore ! 

Anova Culinary Precision Immersion Circulator

Two models of this immersion circulator are widely available in the market. One with WiFi and blue tooth and the other with blue tooth only. The model with WiFi is considerably more expensive than the blue tooth model. Both have manual power buttons and a display.

  • Precision – Both models were highly accurate as the exact water temperature was displayed on the circulator
  • Speed – The speed to preheat was particularly low with the blue tooth model as against the WiFi model, as this is only 800 Watts.
  • Energy efficiency – Both models were less energy efficient than other models reviewed
  • Size – Both models were comparatively larger and heavier than other models reviewed
  • Ease of use – Both models have power buttons and can be operated manually, clamps on to any container, Display is clear. Less noisy during operation compared to some brands, Delivers on claims of being able to cook meats to perfection, even the tough cuts.
  • Common complaints – Can be sensitive to steam, triggering loud beeping noises, poor blue-tooth connectivity and range
  • Price – The Anova Culinary Sous-vide Precision Cooker is moderately priced, but the model with WiFi facilities is considerably expensive ( around $40 extra)

Chefsteps Joule Sous-Vide

The chefsteps Joule Sous-vide immersion heater has two models, which come in steel or white, both of 1100 Watts. It is also very popular with sous-vide cooks judging by the ratings and reviews on Amazon.com. The Joule operates on 120v current. 

Chesteps Joule Immersion Circulator

  • Precision – The Chefsteps Joule Sous-vide immersion circulators are almost as accurate as the Anova models
  • Speed – The speed to preheat water was very high when using both models as the wattage of the immersion circulator is high.
  • Energy efficiency – The energy efficiency of the Joule immersion circulator is higher than the anova models
  • Size – Both models of Joule immersion circulators are slim and takes up less counter top space
  • Ease of use – These models cannot be operated manually. A mobile phone is normally used to operate these devices with WiFi or blue tooth, which works very well. However, the lack of manual control and the absence of LED displays seems to be the key disadvantages. The doneness of food is displayed on your mobile device.
  • Common complaints – Common complaints were that it was not possible to operate the device manually and users had to pay extra for the clamp which is used to fix the circulator to the vessel. All information is available online, which some users consider inconvenient.
  • Price – The price is higher that the Anova models

Wancle SVC001 Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

The Wancle SCV001 comes in white, black and stainless steel. Cheaper than the Joule or Anova immersion circulators, it is a manually operated immersion circulator. The wattage of the unit is 850 Watts and the unit weighs 7.42 lbs and comes with a stainless sleeve for easy cleaning. 

Wancle Immersion Circulator

  • Precision – All models of the Wancle immersion circulator are highly accurate with temperature variations of .01 degrees.
  • Speed – Although the preheating speed is not as high as the Joule, it is higher than the Anova models.
  • Energy efficiency – The Wancle immersion circulator has high energy efficiency.
  • Size – It is larger than the Joule immersion circulator but smaller than the early Anova models
  • Ease of use – The device is manually operated making, which is the main reason for its popularity. The curved design of the display makes it safe from steam. Silent operation.
  • Common complaints – Prone to manufacturing defects. Buttons on controls could be tricky to manipulate.
  • Price – The lowest price for immersion circulators with similar features and performance, almost 50% of the more popular brands.

Kitchen Gizmo Sous-Vide Immersion Circulator

The Kitchen Gizmo Sous-Vide Immersion Circulator is another highly rated popular immersion circulator. This manually operated immersion circulator is of 800 Watt capacity and comes with a removable stainless steel sleeve for easy cleaning and comes in a range of attractive colors including red, gray and blue. 

Kitchen Gizmo Immersion Circulator

  • Precision – The accuracy is slightly less than other models, with the variation of 1 degree.
  • Speed – Preheating speed is comparatively low due to lower wattage
  • Energy efficiency – The Kitchen Gizmo immersion circulator is slightly less energy efficient.
  • Size – It is lightweight weighing only 3.4 lbs.
  • Ease of use – The device is manually operated making, which is the main reason for its popularity. The controls are easy to use and comes with a clip to attach to the pot.
  • Common complaints – Prone to manufacturing defects mainly with the dial of the controls
  • Price – The price is slightly higher than the Wancle but way lower than the more popular brands.


If you are a beginner cook on a tight budget I would recommend the Wancle SVC001 as the best home sous-vide cooker for 2018, closely followed by the Kitchen Gizmo Sous-vide Immersion Circulator.

If you are tech savvy and wouldn’t mind working with WiFi alone, I would recommend the Chefsteps Joule Immersion Circulator, which has better performance than the Anova.

The Anova Culinary Sous-vide Precision Cooker is the most popular and the best high end home sous-vide cooker for persons who need the flexibility of Bluetooth, WiFi and manual controls.

Happy sous-videing!

Aziza Usoof


  1. nice article I have seen this kitchen device before and really wondered how well it works. I was looking to purchase one for my dad, as he loves cooking . I like the look of the Anova one the best, I have looked at it a few times online and think it seems to have the best feedback.

  2. Hi Aziza and thanks for the wonderful review of sous-vide immersion circulator models. Honestly, I never heard about it and such a method of cooking. I watched the video on Amazon and can’t believe that we can prepare food in such a way. Am I just wondering when we put meat in the plastic bag and heat water over the boiling temperature, Will the plastic taste affect the meat? Thank you.

    • Hi Andre,

      Thanks for your interest in sous-vide cooking. You need to use BPA plastic or silicon sealable bags for sous-vide cooking.

      As the food cooks at a low temperature the plastic does not react with the food, therefore it does not affect the taste, nor is it harmful for your health

  3. Hi Shahanaz, this is a really nice clean site, the information is well presented. you have a product here that i have never heard of before i read your post, now i may have to get creative and search for some recipes. this appliance may be something i never knew i needed.

    Thanks i enjoyed the read, Shane. 

    • Hi Shane, 

      While I will be posting more recipes in the future, already I have posted some of the basic recipes for sous-vide eggs and asparagus in the site

      Thanks for your interest

  4. I’d never heard of sous vide cooking before coming across this article and after doing some extra research it looks like a fascinating topic. I read that the benefits of this type of cooking is that it gives great texture to your food; is this correct?

    For someone who has never done any of this style of cooking before, would you recommend the Wancle? It seems like I’d lose less if it ended up not being for me. 

    • Hi Danny,

      Thanks for your interest. Sous-vide cooking does improve the texture of food, while also preserving all the nutrients. I do agree that with the Wancle Sous-vide Immersion Circulator you have less to lose if you don’t like it.

  5. I’ve heard of sous-vides before, is it the one chefs use to cook things at standard temperature underneath water in vacuum seals? I’ve been meaning to find those but never knew what they are called, so happy to have come across this page! If I’m not mistaken, Chefsteps Joule Sous-Vide is the one I saw in Asian Food Channel. How long is the warranty though?

    • Dear Riaz,

      Chefsteps offers a one year guarantee for the Joule, while you can have full cash refund for returns within 90 days. Thanks for your interest.

  6. Wow! This is something new for me. But it does look very interesting, as it makes quality cooking a breeze. I always have troubles getting the temperature and cooking times right, resulting in meat that is burned at the outside and still not baked enough at the inside.

    This cool appliance looks to be the solution to my cooking problems! Thanks

  7. Good article, I have seen these before but was never sure exactly what they were but your article explained really well the pros and cons of each model that you reviewed. I know a number of people who love cooking and would love one of these.

    I think this a very handy gadget to have and I think I will be looking into these.

    Thank you.

    • Dear Hannah,

      Thank your for your interest. I am sure this would make an ideal Christmas gift for a home cook willing to try out new gadgets.

  8. Thanks for posting. As someone new to the world of sous-vide cooking, I’m partial to your suggestion of using the Wanacle SVC001. While it may not preheat faster than all of the other units out there, it preheats faster than some, and that seems to include popular brands. Have you got any suggestions as to which meats would be the best to start with – I mean which would be best protected from any silly, newbie mistakes from my side?


    • Dear Norman,

      Thanks for the interest. I do agree that the Wanacle SCV001 is the best sous-vide immersion circulator for a newbie. I would suggest that you go for a cheaper cut of beef, which will need longer cooking time, as against a prime cut such as steak, which is more delicate to start with.

  9. Hi Aziza,

    Thanks for this clear and comprehensive review article on Best Home Sous-Vide Cooker. This article is indeed full of information on how each product differs from the rest, and you did explained in detail well enough that after reading this review article, I will be well informed and making decision which one fits me best will be effortless on my part. 

  10. Great reviews on Sous-Vide Immersion Circulators. These equipment definitely looks like a good helper in the kitchen.

    I landed on your site when I’m looking for a present for my sister who loves cooking.

    I like the Anova Culinary Sous-vide Precision Cooker with WiFi and blue tooth.  How is the warranty for this equipment?

    Thank you.

    • Dear Christine,

      Anova Offers a two year warranty for the product. Thanks for your interest.

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